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Savings cards furnished BOOM!

We would be happy to supply extra discount cards (business card size) Just send  email  with USPO info OR text

SAMPLE our receipe cards, furnished free to the public?

3x5 with a glossy finish both sides, discount card on the back

Charley Ray on About page is our pet example, also have juicy burgers, dump cake, tuna ball, chocolate chip cookies & 500 score reminder for seniors like my self

Just use our card 4X in one day successfully & text your contact info - 715-501-3733  we will mail you several USPO

"May you have walls for the wind and a roof for the rain.  Drinks beside the fire and laughter to cheer you.  Those you love near you and all that your heart may desire."      -  CLAN EWEN OF OTTER  -