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Pharmacists & Technicians & Patients: 
We assist in facilitating information, in today’s busy environment
  • Patients will generally save as much as 75% or more
  • Cards are FREE cards – no personal information required
  • Never expire, place on patient profile for future use
  • Obtain a card with several methods for personal use
  • Choose/research/obtain best card for your pharmacy 
  • Assist technicians in choosing the right card
  • Saves time at the Pharmacy
  • Technicians will appreciate your help
  • Thank You for using our site & your support  
  •  Comments & suggestions are always welcome


Our mature card primary used by INDEPENDENTS
Limited use by CVS & Walgreens.

Selected examples below
Price guides available by following links.

Our most pharmacy friendly savings card. RITE-AID favorite & used many other pharmacys.

Price examples at RITE-AID by following link.

Usually good on brand name medications, hands down overall winner with CVS.

Price examples at CVS by following link.

Unique card with a feature that we like. It has an downloadable app at:
Add MemberID: NDC3401 & you have a personal pricing guide in hand. (great idea)

NDC based in Washington DC working with PBM Envision

Pets & Their People

Please keep in mind that ALL of Our cards are useful for any prescripition that has a similar human use. Cannot be used for animal only medications like Heartguard.


It’s more important than ever that people have the medications they need at the lowest possible price. When using a CharityRx discount card at the pharmacy you can save up to 80% on prescriptions!
Often times the price with CharityRx even beats insurance co-pays.

CharityRx makes a donation to Charity with every card use.

Thousands of meals were donated to children, numbers increase rapidly..
We continue donating to vets & military folks in service.

Join our monthly Rewards Program

Pharmacists & Technicians:

Earn Points & share with your team, while helping patients. 

To join our rewards program, you must be a pharmacy technician or pharmacist & sign-up thru our Pharmacy chat area. Emails or cell numbers are strictly confidential.   SSL (secure server) 

Both PAID refills & new scripts count.   (reward points reset monthly ) 

Our personal “Thank You” for helping people who are in need greater than ever.

Savings cards eligible: ABVVAABB, HXAAQQ, RXN00288 , NDC3401, HOPE180 

Discount Card Experts

Delivering our best to help you, help your patients with personal healthcare needs.

Our objective is to promote our best savings cards available,

while helping you, help your patients.

Ask Us Anything

  • Text your self a card
  • Carry a picture on cell
  • Ask to email you a card
  • Print out
  • USPO mail a card thru contact form
  • Uninsured
  • Seniors
  • Those working with doughnut hole
  • May offer a better/lower price than your deductsble.
  • Students
  • No personal information needed or required
  •  Our program gives the cardholder free access to discounts, with no enrollment or personal information required
  • Our pharmacy savings program gives millions of cardholder’s free access to discounts on thousands of FDA approved prescription medications. We do this by partnering and negotiating savings with 67,000+ pharmacies nationwide and pass savings directly on to the cardholder.
  • Patient & Pharmacy Friendly
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