Most frequent questions and answers

It’s a free card, no sign-up fees or personal information is collected or required. Many patients rely on discount cards to save them money.

We represent several of the better cards in the industry. The trick is to research & discover the best card for you at your pharmacy.

(AboveRXcard is usually the best on BRAND name prescriptions, but may not be the best on generics at your pharmacy)

  • We work with PBM (Pharmacy Benefit Managers) & PBA (Pharmacy Benefit Administrators) who may work under several contracts,  facilitating the connections.
  • PBM’s service the pharmacy business by providing a link between them and the insurance company you are using. Pharmacies typically do not get to keep a large portion of the price you paid for your prescriptions. PBM’s  fees can take a large portion of what would have been profitable.  Therein lies the secret to why discount cards exist. 
  • PBM’s are in competition with other PBM’s for the business from the pharmacy & the insurance companies they are contracted with. They  have an interest in obtaining as much business as possible, and use discount cards to do so. The PBM contracts with the Pharmacies suppliers to obtain the lowest price, and discount card marketers to implement the plan. The discount creates an advantage in an extremely competitive environment. 

We as RXcardbrokers or reps, obtain a small commission each time our GROUP/BIN is used, in helping to implement that advantage & save money for the patient. (possibly pharmacy as well)

The obvious is, they save patients money. Lessor known:

  • They play a key role in keeping cost down to an affordable level.
  • Help Pharmacists & Medical Doctors with compliance.   
  • Build patient royalty to the Pharmacy.
  • Some cash paying patients simply could not afford their medications, without help. 

Obtain a physical card if possible. We would be happy to send VIA USPO (contact link) You can use a use photo, text, or print one. Many times the pharmacy will keep your card on file, as it save time trying to find your best fit. Sometimes discount cards are less than co-pay insurance company’s charge. Keep card on file at pharmacy to make it convenient. Keep a card handy when you visit the pharmacy.

Yes & No, while there are no visible fees charged to the patient, all charges are built into patient prescription costs by the servicing PBM & plus our brokers commission. An ingredient cost reimbursement is balanced with a dispensing fee paid to the pharmacy depending on the contract & hopefully a small profit for the pharmacy. There are discount cards in use which abuse the pharmacy, leaving little or no profit to operate.  The term: “Pharmacy Friendly” is used to meaning that none of our cards are abusive. We consider our Pharmacies as business partners.